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Implementing Point Of Care testing is our priority. At Doc Lab Inc., we leverage our technical expertise with years of medical insights and business administration to help our clients achieve extraordinary results.

Primary Services

In-Office PCR Testing (Polymerase chain reaction)

PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction is a nucleic acid-amplification test that is used as a vital medium for detecting and quantifying mold, bacteria and viruses. Doc Lab Inc. uses PCR to test for a variety of organisms including avian pathogens. This DNA-based technology detects organisms noticeably faster than cultural methods and can accurately identify organisms up to the genus level.

At Doc Lab Inc., we have pioneered our Doc In The Box program to bring this advanced laboratory testing right into your facility. We will guide you every step of the way during the setup process.

Leveraging PoC PCR testing can revolutionize your patient-care. Our promise to you is to provide you with the solutions and equipment to create your own compliant point of care lab, often requiring no out of pocket cost.

White Coat Lab Management Program

Doc Lab Inc. provides done-for-you laboratory management. Growing and managing your practice is very time consuming, and we get that. That is why we offer a White Coat Lab Management Program that will allow you to keep focusing on your operations while we handle the in-office lab.

Our team has had vast experience in managing Point Of Care lab resources. We offer everything you need to have a valuable lab set up and running, from hiring lab personnel to tracking inventory and much more. We also will handle all the insurance that is required for having the lab.

With Doc Lab Inc. at the helm of affairs, we bring out the best in the team, create and instill a value system (in the absence of one), and effectively allocate and manage every resources in the lab – everything you need to take your lab to the next level without the constant stress of keeping up with industry standards and compliance.

Why You Should Choose Us


Improving Practice

Faster results with antibiotic resistance reports which lead to proper treatment courses.


Improving Overall Healthcare

Helps patients avoid taking antibiotics that were not needed.


Improves Insurance Compliance

Greatly reduces paying for re-visits and paying for prescriptions twice.


Lab Management

offering PCR laboratory management to all of our partners.


Ensuring Compliance

We have the skills needed to create proper workflows that would increase performance while adhering to proper regulations.


Proper Mentoring

We help you in the proper orientation and mentoring of your new staff, acquaint them with the rules of the organization, and the subsequent safety practices we carry out to ensure a smooth running lab.

What Can PCR Testing Detect?

Respiratory Systems

Most upper respiratory infections of pathogenic etiology begin when organisms gain entry to the respiratory tract through inhalation of droplets. This may cause epithelial destruction, along with hemorrhage and sometimes, an exude.

Urinary Tracts

Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiella pneumonia are some of the more common pathogens that attack the urinary tract and cause infections. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are a severe public health problem and affect an estimated 150 million people worldwide every year.

Antibiotic Resistant Genes

Tuberculosis is an example of an archetypical human pathogen that evolved along with the human race and still infects a staggering amount of the population. Despite ground-breaking research and discoveries in antibiotics, the resistance of pathogens was just as rapid.

Why Choose Respiratory Pathogen Panels

Upper and lower respiratory tract infections are caused by a broad range of microbes, including RNA and DNA viruses, bacteria, and even fungi, which are often symptomatically similar. Detection of these pathogens can be challenging: immunoassays are limited to a small number of respiratory pathogens and lack sensitivity. Culture-based methods are labor-intensive, have long turnaround times, and are prone to false-negative results due to culture’s fastidious growth.

To meet the need for more comprehensive coverage of respiratory pathogens, we introduce a panel-based molecular solution that detects a wide range of respiratory viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a single assay. This is done with 99% accuracy and can detect pathogenic organisms at low concentrations.


POC Testing

PCR Pathogen Testing

Veritor Detection of Flu A&B: 80% accuracy

  • False negatives if the antigen load is below the detection limit.
  • A positive result does not rule out co-infections with other pathogens.
99% accuracy

QuickVue Strep A: 92% accuracy by trained technicians

  • Staph aureus can cause false positives.
  • Detection is dependent on the quality of the sample collected.
99% accuracy

Veritor Detection of COVID:

  • A positive result does not rule out co-infections. with pathogens
99% accuracy for all other Respiratory Pathogens that could coexist with COVID

*PCR RPP panel can detect 47 different pathogens from one sample and results are available the same day when testing is utilized at its full capacity!



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