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Enhancing test efficiency and accuracy while simultaneously improving patient outcomes and clinic financials.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to decentralize high complexity reference laboratories that perform sophisticated tests such as PCR molecular testing for Podiatry, Wound, Respiratory, and Urinary Tract Infections. In doing so, we are implementing and managing in-office laboratories at the point of care with Doc In A Box.

We aim to increase the efficiency and cut down turnaround time by over 75% for every test carried out while increasing the ease and convenience of carrying out tests in every laboratory that we operate.

Rapid diagnostics is our mantra.


We Provide Financing

Why Choose Financing?

As business owners ourselves, we understand how hard and expensive building a business can be, and we want to help you make the process as easy as possible. Our financing option will maximize ease by allowing you to start operations and drive revenue with deferred payments up to 6 months.


We have created and streamlined a plug-and-play model that allows us to gather the data we need to add a Point Of Care Lab to your facility, and we call it Doc In A Box.

  • We perform a facility audit
  • Review facility and location details
  • Make minor changes to fit your needs
  • Add Point of Care testing to your facility


What We Do

We are a national molecular PCR lab management firm. Our team of industry leaders has infused their unique experience into our Doc In A Box in-office program focused on improving patient care and lowering overall healthcare costs.

Understanding the importance of accurate detection and treatment of pathogens, we’ve curated a unique program using the latest in PCR technology.

Our mission is to decentralize reference labs and implement point of care testing where it belongs.

As your partner in laboratory services, we manage operations and oversight of the in-office PCR laboratories. Our shared risk with your clinic, allows us to be true partners focusing on compliance and better outcomes.

We are here to guide you through the complexities of this new and unique experience. This allows us to build a proper and ongoing relationship as your lab services partner.

We are always innovating with the industry and keeping our eyes focused on continued education, industry updates, new technologies, and advancements in patient care.


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