Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCR?

PCR is an abbreviation that fully means Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a tool used for diagnostic and monitoring purposes. It can be used to detect anti-bodies and other health issues. PCR is used in different conditions and is popular as one of or the most accurate methods to detect antibodies.

What do you stand to gain from our laboratory services?

It has become a global trend to make use of the type of services that we provide. Our expertise demonstrates that a laboratory service is a serious option being adopted or considered by most health practitioners.

Are the laws and regulations the same state to state?

While most laws and regulations are the same, some vary depending on the state. If you have questions about your state, please reach out, and we will have one of our regulation specialists go over it with you.  

What does the test consist of? How long does it take?

PCR tests can be used to detect the antibodies and viruses that cause COVID-19 and other chronic health issues. A lot of methods are used to get a sample for the testing. They can take your samples from the nose, throat, and mouth.

What if my business is not CLIA approved?

No worries, we will work with you to get the proper credentials that you need.

Does our process violate stark laws?

No, Our process does not violate stark laws, and we have spent years with attorneys to make sure your practice and ourselves are protected.

What if I don't have the insurance I need?

We can help you by providing you with the insurances that you need.

About Our Services

In-Office PCR Testing (Polymerase chain reaction)

PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction is a nucleic acid amplification test that is used as a vital medium for detecting and quantifying mold, bacteria, and viruses. Doc Lab Inc. uses PCR to test for a variety of organisms including avian pathogens. This DNA-based technology detects organisms noticeably faster than cultural methods and can accurately identify organisms up to the genus level.

At Doc Lab Inc., we have pioneered our Doc In The Box program to bring this advanced laboratory testing right into your facility. We will guide you every step of the way during the setup process.

White Coat Lab Management Program

Doc Lab Inc. provides done-for-you laboratory management. Growing and managing your practice is very time consuming, and we get that. That is why we offer a White Coat Lab Management Program that will allow you to keep focusing on your operations while we handle the in-office lab.

Our team has had vast experience in managing Point Of Care lab resources. We offer everything you need to have a valuable lab set up and running, from hiring lab personnel to tracking inventory and much more. We also will handle all the insurance that is required for having the lab.

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