In-Office PCR Testing

Molecular PCR testing is a DNA-based technology that detects organisms noticeably faster than cultural methods and can accurately identify organisms up to the genus level.

We specialize in CLIA approved high-complexity labs. We appoint the best lab directors and lab technicians with a focus on executing standard operating procedures required.

In-Office PCR Testing Program

What is PCR?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction which is a lab technique used to make millions to billions of copies of a particular DNA. In this case, it is bacterial and viral infections present in the urinary tract. We test for 23 pathogens and 12 resistant markers.

Does This Benefit The Patients?

The CDC estimates 30% of all patients are prescribed unnecessary antibiotics. PCR technology drastically reduces this percentage by providing 99% accurate results based on DNA and RNA and has the ability to detected minute microbial loads. So yes, this benefits the patient dramatically.

How Fast Do We Get Results?

Once the specimens are received at the laboratory, there is a 24-hour turnaround time. For example, Specimens shipped on Monday, received Tuesday morning, and ran on the instrument, results published that evening, and report in the system following morning!

Is Collecting Specimens Easy?

We provide specimen kits that require very little urine in order to work effectively. You simply swab the sample and place it in the collection tube, label, and attach requisition. All together takes under 45 seconds!

Who's Insurance Is Accepted?

To keep things simple – ALL MEDICARE, MEDICARE WITH SUPPLEMENTS, ADVANTAGE PLANS AND BCBS ARE COVERED. No patient bills = happy patients.

What About Other Insurance?

A fascinating part of the program is our proprietary eligibility software that will allow you to run a code according to the patients insurance and know if their lab, etc. is covered.

What Are The next Steps?

If you are interested in bringing Point Of Care testing into your facility, reach out, and we will set up a call with one of our experts. On the call, we will go over the facility’s requirements and answer any questions you have!

Our Machine

QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System

The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System sets a new standard for the automated analysis for researchers conducting large genotyping or gene expression studies. The streamlined OpenArray® workflow helps save time and resources compared to running experiments in multiple 384-well plates. When equipped with the OpenArray® block and the and the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex OpenArray® AccuFill™ System, the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system can produce up to 110,000 data points or more in an 8-hour day with minimal training, as little as 20 minutes of hands-on time per run, and no third-party robotics.

Minimum Requirements

As part of our program, we make an onsite assessment and find the best configuration for your in-office space. This includes designs and additions required for you in the office PCR lab to function smoothly and maintain practice flow.

Room Space

8ft x 12ft

Electrical Output

100 – 240V; 50-60hz; 12.5A

Max Power/Current


Idle Power


Average Thermal Output

650W; 2,200BTU/hr

Machine Dimensions

50.5in x67.2in x73.8 (WxDxH)



What are the Advantages of PCR Testing

The advantages of PCR testing become amplified when the tests are carried via the flexibility of the point of care testing we offer to all our partners. Results are produced rapidly and the range of application broadens due to its ready accessibility.


Ease of application and automation

Compared to other modes of testing, PCR is fairly easy to understand and use. It follows a straightforward process and produces the best results.


Quick results

It produces results rapidly, usually within a few hours, expediting the diagnostics and treatment process of both viral and pathogenic diseases


Genetic analysis

It has uses to analyze alterations of gene expression levels in tumors, microbes, or other disease states.  The sequencing of unknown etiologies of many diseases are being figured out by the PCR

Traditional Culture


Real-Time PC

A critical step in developing an appropriate treatment plan for infection is identifying the pathogen responsible. The gold standard for testing has been traditional culture and sensitivity. Now healthcare providers have another option….. Molecular Testing.

Conducted mostly by clinical microbiology laboratories, traditional culture testing methods rely upon the grown of the organism(s), which can take several days. Once growth in the laboratory, the organisms are selected and re-grown for isolation. Each unique colony of organisms is then additionally tested to determine the sensitivity to the antibiotics available. Although most organisms will grow in the laboratory, many do not. Culture is a very time and labor-intensive process with many pitfalls that could prevent or delay accurate identification and subsequent treatment.

Real-Time PCR:
RT PCR utilizes special enzymes and short primers to recognize and amplify microbial RNA or DNA in a sample. The primers are highly specific to the organisms tested and can identify very low levels of infectious disease organisms and further identify which antibiotic resistance genes are present. RT-PCR has the power to very accurately recognize a broad range of organisms and can do so in hours as opposed to days.



Real-Time PCR

Involves a lot of trial and error.

Precisely analyzes the genetic material of pathogens.
A time-consuming process, lengthy waiting period.It can be completed in 24 hours.

Can fail to identify some organisms.

Can identify a wider spectrum of microbes(viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi simultaneously).

Requires costly lab time

Provides a more definitive diagnosis

The analysis is affected by current antibiotic use.

The analysis is not affected by current antibiotic use.

The major advantage of RT-PCR is the ability to obtain accurate results the same day!


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