PCR Lab Management

Doc Lab Inc. offers PCR laboratory management to all its partners. Depending on its size, a medical laboratory may have so many moving parts, and it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of all of them. Doc Lab Inc. can help you with:

  • Managing the lab
  • Operating the lab
  • Hiring lab personnel
  • Providing the insurance required
  • Track inventory

In-Office PCR Lab Management

Personnel Management And Evaluation

We assist in the hiring process of medical staff. After selecting the best fit for your organization, walk them through the onboarding process, and teach them the standard operational procedures.

We help familiarize them with the values of the organization, and based on their performance, choose the best work segment in which they would have maximum effectiveness.

Budget and Insurance Required

Even for companies who receive a grant or have a new investor who invests large sums of money into the business, many new CEOs and founders have issues growing and scaling their business without additional cost.

USA Doc Lab does a complete evaluation of the business. Assuming it is a fit, we have an exclusive house lender that can help spread out the upfront cost over the length of the contract with USA Medical. This means you won’t pay any money until you are making more money. On top of that, we will provide all of the insurance that is required.

Inventory and Internal Processes

Internal work processes are crucial for the day to day running of the laboratory and USA Doc Lab helps take care of them all: inventory management, shared equipment reservation, equipment maintenance, resources acquisition and management, waste management, information management and others.

Adherence To Standard Regulations

USA Doc Lab helps ensure that lab operations comply with the relevant regulations, without compromising on work output or working hours. Having prior experience working in the medical space gives us the edge needed to create proper workflows that would increase performance while adhering to proper regulations as all states have varying regulations.

Proper Hiring and Mentoring

New lab personnel, while talented, may struggle with working in the laboratory especially at the onset. We handle hiring lab employees to help you properly orient and mentor your new staff and acquaint them with the organization’s rules. The subsequent safety practices we carry out to ensure a smooth-running lab.

Organization Of Records and Relevant Paperwork

We keep track of and accurately record all paperwork in what may be referred to as lab-keeping – proof of purchase and acquisition, regulatory papers, reviewing, drafting, data collection and collation all fall under our care

What are the Advantages of having In-Office Lab Management

The advantages of PCR testing are amplified when paired with an experienced team to handle the lab management. Add a great point-of-care solution to your business without dealing with the increase or disturbance of your workflow.


Optimized performance and productivity

We are continually monitoring, evaluating, and documenting every staff’s performance and every strategy put in place. There is no one-mold-fits-all approach to work done in a medical laboratory, so we use only tested and proven methods that the team feels most comfortable with to get the job done


Improved patient care

Doc Lab Inc. helps you manage the laboratory’s bureaucratic aspects so you can focus on the important—creating the products and services that would increase your customer base.


Lower turnaround time

With set systems already in place, the process of lab operations becomes incredibly streamlined and, as a result, produces a lower turnaround time.

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